Dr. James Swi-Bea Wu

Dr. Wu is a member of Science and Technology Committee of IFU, Headquarters Paris, International Federation of Juice Manufacturers. He is deputy editor of Food Science (JFS) and Food Processing and Preservation (JFPP) in the United States. He is also an academician of IFT American Food Science and Technology Association.

Dr.Thomas J.Lowe

General Environmental  Scientist, director of global technology, engaged in the research and development of series of microbial products.

Yatong Xu,

(Doctoral Tutor,Former Professor of Department of Environmental Science&Technology, East China Normal University)

Deputy Director of Microbial Ecology Committee,Chinese Society of Ecology; Member of Environmental Microbiology Professional Committee, Chinese Society of Microbiology; Member of Water Environment Society,Chinese society of Oceanology and Limnology ; Member of the Water Environment Branch,Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, with 159 papers published at home and abroad.

Bing Xie

(Doctoral Tutor, Professor of East China Normal University)

Deputy Director of Environmental Engineering Design Research Center, College of Resources and Environment,East China Normal University.

He is currently a member of Microbial Ecology Committee,Chinese Society of Microbiology.He is aslo the director of Shanghai Society of Microbiology and Vice-Chairman of Environmental Microbiology Professional Committee.

Professor ElioraZ. Ron PhD. Ron

She currently serves as Vice President of Society of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology in the Joint International Organization for Biology. She received her Master's degree and highest honor from Hebrew University in Israel in 1962 and her doctorate from Harvard University in 1967. She is well-known for her successful bioremediation technology to control oil pollution along Haifa coast in 1998. She is a pioneer in using bacteria to control environmental pollution.